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Cedarbrook Goat's Milk Soap
Cedarbrook Goat's Milk Soap

This wonderful soap is all goat's milk based and handmade with love by Tracie.

Lavender Berry Goat's Milk Soap
This bar is scented with lavender and strawberry essential oils and has a pinkish hue.
3.4 oz. Bar  $6.99

Lavender Lemon Goat's Milk Soap
Orange, grapefruit and pinepple are combined with lavender to create this citrus lavender scent. The bar has a yellow-orange sparkly pigment.
3.4 oz. Bar  $6.99

Lavender Mistletoe Goat's Milk Soap
Our holiday scent so popular we've added it to the regular product line.
3.4 oz. bar  $6.99

Lavender Peppermint Goat's Milk Soap
Lavender and peppermint essential oils are combined to create a refreshing fragrance. This bar is a natural color with a hint of gold sparkle.
3.4 oz. Bar  $6.99

Lavender Rain Goat's Milk Soap
This special scent was created by Tracie. It is fresh and slightly fruity combined with lavender. This bar is appropriately colored with a greenish blue hue.
3.4 oz. Bar  $6.99

Lavender Vanilla Goat's Milk Soap
Essential oils of lavender and vanilla are combined to make this bar smell delicious. Natural colors with a hint of sparkle.
3.4 oz. Bar  $6.99

Purely Lavender Goat's Milk Soap
This bar is scented exclusively with lavender essential oils and is lavender in color.
3.4 oz. Bar  $6.99

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